Summer Games

The Summer Games are Special Olympics Iowa’s largest event of the year, with more than 2,600 athletes 1,200 coaches and 2,000 volunteers converging on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames. The three-day event begins with the Torch Run Final Leg bringing the Flame of Hope from downtown Des Moines to Hilton Coliseum for the Opening Ceremony presented by Hy-Vee.summer-games-soccer

Also featured at the games is an Olympic Festival, which is an area for athletes to relax between competitions and interact with sponsors and partners through games and activities. Healthy Athletes screenings will also be provided to athletes by healthcare professionals for eyesight, dental, hearing, overall health and fitness and more.


Summer Games Competitions

An athlete may compete in one sport per day (click on the sport name for official rules):

  • summer-games-swim-cheer3Swimming
    • 25 yard Freestyle
    • 50 yard Freestyle
    • 100 yard Freestyle
    • 200 yard Freestyle
    • 25 yard Backstroke
    • 50 yard Backstroke
    • 100 yard Backstroke
    • 25 yard Breaststroke
    • 50 yard Breaststroke
    • 25 yard Butterfly
    • 50 yard Butterfly
    • 100 yard Individual Medley
    • 100 yard Freestyle Relay
    • 15 yard Floatation Race
    • 25 yard Floatation Race
    • PLEASE NOTE: Area Swimming Competitions Requirement 
  • Athletics
  • Bocce
    • Singles
    • Skills
    • Team (four-person)
  • summer-games-Cycling – Athletes may choose two events. Athletes in modified events may not enter other trials. Athletes in Unified events may not enter other events.
  • Developmental Events
  • Soccer
    • Team (seven-person)
    • Soccer Skills
      • Dribbling
      • Shooting
      • Run and Kick
  • Tennis – An athlete may enter two tennis events:
    • Singles
    • Doubles
    • Mixed Doubles
    • Unified Doubles
    • Individual Tennis Skills