Special Olympics Iowa encourages our athletes to pursue fitness outside of their competitive sports! Incorporating physical activity along with proper nutrition and hydration every day is important for preventing injury, achieving new personal bests, and maintaining overall optimal health. Special Olympics Fitness programming empowers athletes and their supporters to take charge of their own health and fitness by providing the necessary education, social support, opportunities and tracking of progress.  Let’s get fit!

 Spring Virtual MOVEment

The Spring Virtual MOVEment is a virtual health and wellness program created to keep individuals thinking about and practicing healthy habits while Special Olympics Iowa training and events are suspended.  The program features 9 weeks of fun health and wellness challenges.  Each week there will be three challenges, and when an individual completes a challenge they will receive a point.  Points will be tracked and participants will receive prizes.  Prizes include Special Olympics Iowa branded items, health and wellness items, Special Olympics Iowa apparel, and the ultimate prize is a special invite to an event at the end of the SOIA suspension.  Ready to join the Spring Virtual MOVEment? Follow the steps below!

  • Step One – Register!
  • Step Two – Join the Stay Healthy with Special Olympics Iowa Facebook group to begin seeing daily health and wellness challenges and tips.
    • The Spring Virtual MOVEment challenges will be posted in the Stay Healthy with Special Olympics Iowa Facebook group beginning April 1!
    • Posts and challenges will coordinate with the group’s different days of the week.
      • #SelfCareSunday; #MealPrepMonday, #TeammateTuesday, #WellnessWednesday, #ThoughtfulThursday, #FlexinFriday, #SpotlightSaturday
  • Individuals not interested in joining this program are still invited to take advantage of the daily health and wellness tips and challenges that are being posted in the Stay Healthy with Special Olympics Iowa group.  Below are some other great resources!

Fit 5

Fit 5 is a fitness initiative based on the three simple goals of exercising 5 days per week, eating 5 total fruits and vegetables per day and drinking 5 water bottles of water per day. The Fit 5 cards and guide were designed to be utilized with flexibility, giving programs the opportunity to integrate and implement the resources in a way that aligns with their current goals and objectives.


School of Strength

School of Strength is a fun, engaging workout video series that features WWE Superstar Becky Lynch, as well as Special Olympics athletes from across the country. The workout series is made up of four videos that focus on strength, balance and endurance.  Video one is a great way to start things off before jumping into the harder workouts.   The difficulty of the exercises increases in videos two through four, see if you can work your way up to the “Master Trainer” level.

Video 1: Welcome and Warm-Up
Video 2: Ignite Your Endurance
Video 3: Getting Schooled on Strength
Video 4: Boost Your Balance 

To use this resource as a full fitness program, be sure to use the supplemental Caregiver’s Kit and Coach’s Playbook.  The Caregiver’s Kit gives fun nutrition tips and tricks that will encourage your athlete to begin making healthy choices on their own.  The Coach’s Playbook provides insight on how to make workouts fun and a list of exercises athletes can do on their own.

Caregiver’s Kit
Coach’s Playbook

8-Week Fitness Challenge

1st 7-Week Challenge AthletesSpecial Olympics Iowa challenges teams to incorporate the Fit 5 program into their schedules with the 8-Week Fitness Challenge!  This challenge includes a Fitness Lifestyle Pre-Assessment, 6 weeks of exercise and nutrition lessons, and a Fitness Lifestyle Post-Assessment.  Weekly challenges and fitness tracking devices provide for an opportunity to win prizes for building healthy lifestyle habits!  This program can be incorporated in many ways, including quick 15 minute sessions during weekly Special Olympics sports practices.  All resources will be provided and lessons can be customized to fit the need of specific groups and individuals. Direct any Fitness Challenge questions or registration inquiries to

Fit Assessments

Free Fit Assessments will be available for all athletes at the 2020 Summer Games on Friday, May 22.  Athletes will have the chance to test their BMI, flexibility, balance, agility, power, and endurance before receiving feedback and suggestions from trained professionals.

For more information about Fitness Programs, contact:
Kara Neustrom, Health and Fitness Coordinator