Motor Activity Training Program

IMG_3578The Motor Activity Training Program (MATP)  Training Days introduce team sports to the severe and profound as well as those who are unable to participate in the traditional Special Olympics programs. Activities, such as bocce, ramp bowling, balloon volleyball, team basketball, basketball shoot, batting, ball darts, golf, shot put, race walk, and wall pass are modified to allow youth and adults to participate as a team or an individual. Volunteers and adaptive equipment are on-site to assist the athletes as they participate in each event.

Participate in a Training Day

Training Days are designed for athletes with:

  • severe mental and/or physical disabilities
  • our aging population who are not able to compete in rigorous sports

Training Days are held throughout the state:

  • Cedar FallsIMG_3522
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Emmetsburg
  • Des Moines
  • Dubuque
  • Lake City
  • River Hills
  • Sioux City

To sign up for a Training Day or for additional information, contact:
Krista Smith, Director of Unified Programs