Special Olympics College

Create A Community of Acceptance and Respect on Your Campus

Special Olympics College Clubs function as official clubs on campus and connects college students and individuals with intellectual disabilities through sport to build friendships and help lead the social justice movement of Special Olympics.

22382326_10155995409822526_7965410523128040863_oSpecial Olympics College Club programs are made up of three core elements: Unified Sports, Student Leadership, and opportunities for Full Campus Engagement.

Together these components can help students work for and with Special Olympics athletes to help transform school campuses into communities of acceptance and respect.

Virtual College Championship Week

Virtual College Championship Week is an opportunity for colleges to show their commitment to inclusion across three categories – Unfieid sports, inclusion events and social media.  Colleges will complete different inclusive virtual activities during the week of April 12-16, 2021 to score points. The team with the most points at the end of the week will be the National College Champion.

Here’s how it works:
1) Select a “Captain” to register here
2) Plan out your week
3) Complete activities and post on social media with #SOCollegeChampWeek

*Teams from any college can register!  All students, staff, and campus community members can participate!

For more information about Virtual College Championship Week, click here! 


College Clubs in Iowa

Iowa State University
Northwestern College
St. Ambrose University
University of Iowa


Virtual Activities Hosted by College Clubs

St. Ambrose University ADAPT – Craft Night
April 6th @ 7:00 p.m.
(Email sau.adapt@gmail.com for the Zoom link.)

Let’s get creative! The St. Ambrose University ADAPT will send over some ideas through email, but all crafts are welcome! This means coloring, creating something new, painting, and more! Craft supplies will be needed!
Northwestern College – Unified Activity Night
April 19th @ 7:45 p.m.
(Register Here)
Join Unified partners from Northwestern college for some sports-based exercises and social time!
St. Ambrose University ADAPT – Science Night
April 20th @ 7:00 p.m.
(Email sau.adapt@gmail.com for the Zoom link.)

The St. Ambrose University ADAPT wants to create some experiments with you!  One week before the event, St. Ambrose University ADAPT will email a list of items that you will need to complete each experiment.
St. Ambrose University ADAPT – Spring Formal
April 27th @ 7:00 p.m.
(Email sau.adapt@gmail.com for the Zoom link.)

This will the St. Ambrose University ADAPT’s last event for the school year so it will be a fun opportunity to say “See ya till next year!” with music and fun!  Athletes are encouraged to dress up fancy, but it’s not required!


Resources for SO College


Get Involved

Special Olympics College Clubs are an excellent way to engage in the community.  If you would like to take part in activities with one of our existing clubs, or would like to start a club on your campus, contact: Bryan Coffey, Director of Unified Programs
515-986-5520 x119.