Pigskin Madness

This annual fundraiser combines two of our favorite things…NFL football and raising money for Special Olympics Iowa!  For just $20, you have 8 chances to win each week of the regular NFL football season – that’s 17 weeks of play!

Help us sell tickets too!  We’ll send you a book of 25 tickets to sell.  You do not need to pay anything up front. Just turn in the sold tickets and money as well as any unsold tickets by the deadline.

Week 1 Winners
Week 1 All Results
Week 2 Winners
Week 2 All Results
Week 3 Winners
Week 3 All Results
Week 4 Winners
Week 4 All Results
Week 5 Winners
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Week 6 Winners
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Week 7 Winners
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Week 8 Winners
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Week 9 Winners
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Week 10 Winners
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Week 11 Winners
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Week 12 Winners
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Week 13 Winners
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Week 14 Winners
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Week 15 Winners
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Week 16 Winners
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Week 17 Winners
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How to Play

Each raffle ticket will have three randomly assigned teams on it for each week of the NFL season (17 weeks). Each week, your three team scores are added together to determine the winners. (For example, if in week one you had Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings, the points they score will be added together for a total).  If a team has a bye week, their previous week’s score is used.

The highest scoring ticket each week will win $225, with payouts given through the eighth-highest, and to the third-lowest scores. Awards each week total $575!

  • Highest – $225
  • Second Highest – $100
  • Third Highest – $70
  • Fourth Highest – $40
  • Fifth Highest – $35
  • Sixth Highest – $30
  • Seventh Highest – $25
  • Eighth Highest – $20
  • Lowest – $15
  • Second Lowest – $10
  • Third Lowest – $5

How to Purchase

  • Tickets are $20 for 17 weeks of play (cash or check only)
  • Purchase from someone who is selling a book, OR call or send a check to our state office (Attn: Pigskin Madness)
  • Be sure to include your current mailing address, phone number, and email. Once we receive your check we will assign you a ticket and mail you back the end portion that lists which teams you will have each week. Tickets can’t be entered into the system until they are paid for. In order to be eligible for Week 1, money and tickets must be turned in by Friday, August 30th. (Tickets are still available for purchase after that date, and will be discounted for each week that goes by in the regular NFL season)


  • This ticket is unique and valid for the number of weeks purchased during this NFL football season.
  • Each week three team scores are added together to determine the winners.
  • If there is a tie, prizes will be combined and split equally.
  • Individual winners will receive their prize money in the mail.
  • If a team does not play in a given week, their score from the previous week will be used.
  • Tickets are sold at random and not available for review until purchased.
  • Each week is considered an independent raffle.  It is not required to purchase the entire 17 weeks.  Anyone purchasing individual weeks or a partial packet of 17 weeks must contact the Special Olympics Iowa office for details.
  • Decisions of Special Olympics Iowa are final.

For more information, to purchase tickets or to sell tickets, contact:letr-proudly-supported-by-logo
Rachel Bosworth, Law Enforcement Torch Run Marketing and Event Manager
515-986-5520 x108