20140918_120810Special Olympics Iowa is offering an opportunity to graduating high school seniors who are involved in any Iowa Unified Champion Schools (UCS) program.

Teacher liaisons from Unified Champion Schools in Iowa may nominate a graduating senior to win one of two $250 scholarships. If your school is not currently a Unified Champion School, please contact Bryan Coffey bcoffey@soiowa.org to learn more.

Nomination Process:
School Liaison:
– Select one graduating senior to nominate for the scholarship
– Write a 200 word (1/2 page) nomination letter explaining why you think this student would be a good candidate for this award
– Must be pursuing a higher level of education during the 2018-2019 school year.
– Write a 300-400 word (1½ pages MAX) letter detailing the following:

  • Name
  • Number of years involved with Special Olympics programs
  • Special Olympics programs and activities the student has participated in
  • Any leadership roles the student has held within the UCS club
  • Most gratifying moment of being involved

About Unified Champion Schools:
Schools across Iowa are embracing the UNIFIED concept by becoming a Special Olympics Unified Champion School. This program is available to all school levels ranging from elementary to college. Each school level has unique program opportunities offered that are age appropriate and conducive to the student’s learning and the overall environment of the school. Elementary schools are able to host Young Athletes programs while middle schools, Jr. high schools and high schools focus on Youth Leadership and Unified Sports. At the college level, student clubs are encouraged to host events that community based Special Olympics athletes can participate in! If your school is not yet taking advantage of being a Unified Champion School please contact our Director of Unified Programs, Bryan Coffey; bcoffey@soiowa.org