The State Office is in the process of organizing the 2017 Summer Games Bocce Tournament. To fairly allocate the 110 team slots available for bocce please let us know the maximum number of teams your delegation would like to have in the tournament. Competition will be held outside, east of the Maple-Willow-Larch Dorms to provide more space for competition. The team tournament will be held on May 25 while the singles tournament will be held on May 26.

We will determine the final allocations of bocce teams based on the completed quota request forms received from each delegation. Once the allocations are determined, it will be up to the individual delegations to determine how they will choose the teams advancing to Summer Games. Each delegation will receive at least one bocce team for Summer Games. Delegations will be notified of the competition allocations by February 22.  Bocce entries (team and singles) along with all other Summer Games registration material is due to by April 1.


Thank you for your assistance.  Please contact Rhonda Schwarzkopf at or Sally Briggs at if you have any questions. You may also contact our office at 515-986-5520


Bocce Quota Request Form