As the schools and facilities start gearing up for another fantastic year of Special Olympics Iowa sport competitions, I have one item to refresh/remind you on – the staff-sallyClass A Volunteer Application. My name is Sally Briggs and I process all the Class A applications. We have updated our website with the Class A Volunteer information.  From the home page hover over “Get Involved” and click on “Class A Volunteers” or use this link.

Here are some common tips to remember when filling out the Class A Volunteer application:

  • Who should fill out the Class A application?
    • Anyone who has direct contact with athletes, in a position of authority, supervision or trust of athletes
    • Coach, Unified partner, chaperone, one on one, board member, LETR (Law Enforcement Torch Run) volunteers, Committee members, anyone that transports, stays over night with athletes, handles substantial amounts of cash or other assets for Special Olympics Iowa

  • What is needed and why?
    • Adult Volunteers
      • Class A Volunteer Application
        • Need social security number in order to run the background check
        • Driver’s license – only need the front side of license
        • Delegation – this is the team you volunteer with example Cedar Rapids Jefferson HS, Waterloo Goodwill (allows to me list you on the correct Delegation roster)
        • Sign the application – gives permission for SOIA to run the background check
      • Coaches Code of Conduct – read and check box on Class A Volunteer application
      • Protective Behavior quiz – may be done online
      • Color Photo – passport quality
        • May not use your driver’s license photo
        • May not use the passport photo
      • Minor Volunteers
        • Class A Volunteer Application
          • Do not need social security number – only a sex offender check is done
          • Driver’s license – only front side is needed (if have)
          • Delegation volunteering with
          • References – two non-related family members are required
          • Parent signature as well as applicant are needed
        • Protective Behavior quiz – not required but recommended
        • Color Photo – passport quality
      • Incomplete Class A application?
        • The delegation manager and / or applicant will receive an email requesting the missing item(s)
        • An incomplete application will only be held in the Special Olympics office for three (3) months. After that, it will be shredded and a new application will have to be resubmitted
      • What happens when a complete Class A Volunteer application is submitted?
        • A criminal and sex offender background check is run with First Advantage (national vendor)
        • Sex offender check only for minors (no crimminal background check)
        • A credential (picture ID) is made and sent to the delegation manager or applicant
          • Your credential is good for three (3) years from the date the applications background check is run
        • Data is entered in our database
      • What happens if a background check comes back with an issue?
        • The applicant will receive a letter in the mail from First Advantage (national vendor) stating the issue(s)
        • Special Olympics Volunteer Screening Policy will be used to determine if the applicant is able to volunteer, transport or handle money. If the applicant is not, then a letter will be sent to the applicant and delegation manager
        • Applicant may appeal
      • Security
        • Class A applications that have been processed will be stored in locked files for seven (7) years then shredded
        • No social security numbers are stored in our database


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or call 515-986-5520 extension 121.  The Class A Volunteer process is to uphold the Special Olympics Volunteer Screening Policy, for the safety and health of our athletes and volunteers.

Thank you!

Sally Briggs
Program Administrative Assistant