FIT-logo-verticalThe fall Fitness Improvement Training (FIT) athletes have found success with the FIT Program! Thirty-two athletes have completed the program thus far by finishing the pre-assessment, FITness training, and post-assessment.

These athletes are split between four delegations. Delegation 1 performed the 10-station assessment with an average improvement of 37.82 percent among its three athletes. Delegation 2 saw an overall average improvement of 24.92 percent in their modified 5-station assessment with sixteen athletes. Delegation 3 saw an average improvement of 19.13 percent for its five-station assessment as well as an average weight loss of 13.33 pounds per person with the three athletes! Delegation 4 improved by 11.42 percent with the 10-station assessment for 10 athletes.

Each of these delegations participated in the program for about six weeks. In addition to the 32 athletes that have completed the program, 75 have finished their pre-assessment and are well into the FIT Program, and 250 athletes are signed up and are in the process of starting their assessments and training.

Based on feedback from coaches, athletes found the program challenging yet fun. Most wanted to continue the program and continue working on these exercises all year long. One coach stated, “They improved on quite a few of the tests. It was a blast watching the athletes get into these tests and compete with one another.”

The FIT Program is ongoing and coaches/delegations are encouraged to start at any time! An assessment station will be set up at Winter Games; athletes are encouraged to check it out and have their assessments completed.