Our branding guidelines specify a way to keep the look and feel of our materials consistent, which is a way of reinforcing the value of the Special Olympics brand.

Special Olympics Branding Guidelines

Programs combine the Special Olympics logo with words that identify the program. Within the program, teams and areas get branding treatments, too.

Branding Guidelines for Programs and Local Delegations

To download the files, click on the link for 2-Color or All Black next to the logo style of your choice. A new window or tab will open, then right-click on the logo and select Save Image As.

If you need other color options or file types, contact:
Megan Filipi, Director of Marketing and Communications


Special Olympics Iowa 1 Line
2-Color | All Black

 logo-2line-2color Special Olympics Iowa 2 Line
2-Color | All Black
 logo-center-2color  Special Olympics Iowa Center
2-Color | All Black
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