FIT-logo-vertical“March to Summer Games” is underway and will be continuing through May 15. Eleven delegations have joined the program with a total of 110 Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners participating.  Four Special Olympics athletes have walked over 100 miles in the past 6 weeks. “March to Summer Games“ is a Unified Walking Club, which has the goal of developing healthy daily exercise habits. Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners work together to compete for awards and to gain new friendships.

Award winners will be announced at the Summer Games Dance on May 20th.

The next phase of the FIT Walking Club will begin in August. “Fall into Fitness” will be a continuation of the existing FIT program and will continue to track fitness levels of our Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners. Special Olympics athletes participating in the fall program may be eligible to receive a personal MovBand fitness tracker.

Pre- and post- assessments will be completed on Friday, May 20th at Summer Games to record fitness improvements for the current participants and for individuals interested in joining the program in August. Please feel free to contact Bruce Wilson ( with any questions on the FIT Program.