This is an experience that we encourage students and faculty to embrace. It highlights the joys of ALL ABILITIES and allows us to share the importance of INCLUSION.

This will be the fourth year that Special Olympics Iowa has celebrated #InclusionWeek. Students and school staff statewide have continually expressed an overwhelmingly positive response each year!

This year, 110 Unified Champion Schools will be participating in #InclusionWeek. These schools range from all geographic locations of the state and include elementary, middle, high, and college levels! In addition, many of our statewide sponsors are going to be participating in the festivities of #InclusionWeek!

Whether you use social media platforms or another promotional source, please know that we look forward to seeing photos and hearing your stories about the many creative ways that your school will join us in the #InclusionWeek celebrations! Please use the hashtag #InclusionWeek to show the world what your community is doing and to help everyone understand the importance of Inclusion.

#InclusionWeek: February 27 – March 3!

Download the #InclusionWeek Logo Here!
Download the #InclusionWeek Flyer Here!

Check out our Inclusion week packet here!

If you have questions about #InclusionWeek, contact: Kelli Carnahan, Community Programs Coordinator 515-986-5520.