Superbowl Square

Check back later for more information for 2022 squares.

It’s time for our Super Bowl fundraiser for the super athletes of Special Olympics Iowa!

Squares are $20 each. $10 of each square sold will be donated to Special Olympics Iowa, the remaining $10/square will be put towards the prize pool.

The grid contains 100 squares, simply pick a numbered square! Once payment has been made and all the squares are sold, the horizontal and vertical sides of the squares will be randomly numbered.

For example, if the score is AFC 14 NFC 7, then whomever has 4 on the AFC side and 7 on the NFC side wins!

We accept cash or check (made out to Special Olympics Iowa)If all the squares are sold, the payouts are $250 per quarter.

*WE DO NOT pay out for overtime. Squares are for regulation play only (4 quarters)
So there it is, $1,000 to Special Olympics Iowa and $1,000 to the payoff pool! 

Email to purchase your square!