Fall Unified 5K Training Program

We are thrilled to be training with you this fall!  This page has everything needed to successfully complete the Fall Unified 5K training program.

Important Dates

Start Date: Monday, August 30
End Date: Sunday, October 17

Important Links

Click on the red links below to view the training plans, stretch circuits, and strength circuits.

Training Plans ( Running  /  Speed Walking and Rolling)
Stretch Circuits
Strength Circuits

*Not sure how to do some of the exercises and stretches from the circuits?  Find detailed instructions and visuals in the Fit 5 card deck.

Report on Your Progress

Let us know how the training is going by sharing your progress at the end of each week by clicking on the link below.

Report your progress HERE! 

Have questions?  Contact Health and Fitness Coordinator Kara Enerson by emailing kenerson@soiowa.org or calling 515-986-5520.